Behavior Services

Behavior Services for Kids near Huntingdon Valley & Philadelphia, PA

Are you concerned about your child’s behavior? Children often challenge authority, including their parents, with willful disobedience and even talk-back attitudes. As children get older, they begin to explore the world around them to test the limits of their abilities and the rules set in place for them. However, when such challenges become disruptive to daily life, your child may need behavior services from one of our behavioral specialists. 

Behavior problems in children can have several causes and triggers. Children who experience trauma, the loss of a friend or family member, or other situation that impacts their social and home lives often need behavioral therapy to help them recover and readjust to life. Other children may develop behavior problems when they experience unaddressed behavioral problems, in response to bullying, or when they feel overwhelmed by school or their social lives. 

If your child has experienced a sudden or major change, tragedy, or trauma, contact us today for a behavioral assessment and to meet with one of our behavioral specialists.

Signs That Your Child May Need Behavior Therapy

Behavioral problems that last six months or more are a sign that your child may need behavior therapy. Indicators for behavioral problems vary by age. 

Signs your toddler may need behavior therapy include, 

  • Headbanging
  • Repeated biting or kicking
  • Other aggressive behaviors
  • Unresponsiveness

Older children have other ways they can demonstrate a need for behavioral therapy. Some of the warning signs include, 

  • Fighting with other children or siblings
  • Purposefully damaging property
  • Disrespecting authority figures at home or school
  • Repeated lying
  • Mood swings
  • Early sexual activity
  • Frequent nightmares or disrupted sleep patterns (staying up late or keeping an infrequent sleep schedule
  • Skipping school
  • Poor performance in school
  • Anxiety about normal daily activities
  • Stealing
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Using drugs or alcohol
  • Other sudden changes in mood or activity 

You should seek out behavioral services if your child has exhibited any of these behaviors or if you’re concerned about how they have been behaving. However, seek immediate mental health or emergency assistance if your child has, 

  • Attempted or threatened suicide or self-harm (such as cutting)
  • Your child is hurting or threatening to hurt others

Are You Looking for a Behavior Specialist for Kids in Philadelphia or Huntingdon Valley? 

If your child is demonstrating warning signs of behavioral issues or has experienced a major life change, stress, or trauma, contact us today for a behavioral assessment. Our behavior specialists will consider your child’s experiences, age, development, and other factors as part of the assessment to determine a behavior therapy plan that works for them.