Playspace Philadelphia

Playspace Philadelphia

Kidology PLAYSPACE is a one-of-a-kind pediatric sensory gym in Philadelphia, PA. Our experienced team of therapists utilizes a play-based approach in a fun and goal-driven environment. We aim to assist children in developing necessary skills in areas including: sensory processing, gross & fine motor skills, visual-motor skills, social awareness, executive functioning, life skills, and communication. A variety of services also include: Occupational and physical therapy, Speech therapy, Applied behavior analysis, Specialized instruction and much more.

Our team views each child as an individual, which leads to therapies designed purposefully for your child. In order to further facilitate your child’s overall improvement and success, sessions are offered in a nurturing and playful state-of-the-art environment.
 Kidology PLAYSPACE embraces each person’s goals and reaches areas. Our team contributes to self-esteem building and increased confidence in children through the learn and play model.

Our therapists use their knowledge to stimulate your child through the use of specialized play equipment. This equipment includes: rock climbing walls, a foam pit, multiple swings, monkey bars, zip lines, tunnels, slides, trapeze bars, ladders, light-up sensory board, and more. Your child can learn more complex tasks, like cooking in our play kitchen or other multi-sensory stimulation like play-doh shaping class and social groups. We offer opportunities to learn and practice life skills

Our sensory play gym is built with a purpose! It is a sanctuary for children to explore their skills and develop to adulthood

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