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Speech Therapy in Miami – 5 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Articulation Skills

School is back in session, and your child is learning so many new things. Your child’s articulation skills mustn’t take a back seat to new math or science lessons.Speech Therapy in Miami – Here are 5 ways you can help your child improve their speech sounds in the afternoons and evenings.  Read Aloud Together When you help your child with their homework and take time together to read, read aloud together. Your child will be able to see how the words on paper and pronunciation match. You will also help them learn their sight words and vocabulary at the same time! Speech Therapy in Miami – Take Time to Demonstrate Sounds Remember, your child first learns how to talk by listening to you. Demonstrate sounds for your child, so they can listen and reproduce them. For combination sounds such as “th” let your child see how you are forming the sounds

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What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Kids?

Kids grow up so fast. Sometimes a part of growing up is injury from play or sports. Other times growing up can involve illness that inhibits their physical development. If your child is recovering from an injury or their physical development has been inhibited in some way, physical therapy can help them heal and reach their milestones. Let’s look at ways your child can benefit from physical therapy.  What Is Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is treatment for large body systems including muscles, limbs, and joints. Treatment involves gentle movements and manipulations of limbs and joints to help your child gain or recover physical ability. While physical therapy involves exercises, it’s more than just exercise and activity. Physical therapy involves keen attention to specific areas of the body.  Physical therapy can be used to address,  Overuse injuries Surgery recovery Developmental delays Head injuries Muscle diseases Birth defects Genetic disorders What Are

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Kidology Inc. Parent & Child Groups in Philadelphia

Parent and Child Groups in Philadelphia, PA

Parenting is a challenge. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with instruction manuals. We don’t get “classes on how to adult” as we go from being kids ourselves to growing up. Fortunately, Kidology Inc. offers parent and child groups in Philadelphia. Let us help you connect and help your child grow. Kidology Inc. Parent & Child Groups in Philadelphia If you’re struggling to connect with your child or need resources to help your overcome their behavior or learning challenges, Kidology Inc.’s Parent and Child Groups can help. In our groups, you can help your child develop social and play skills, watch them socialize with other children, work with our experts, and bond with other parents.  Why Parent and Child Groups Matter Parenting and child groups offer a unique opportunity for parents to become an active part of their child’s learning program. At Kidology Inc. we offer a variety of developmental programs including

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Benefits of Bilingual Speech Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Bilingual Speech Therapy

Your child is struggling with their speech milestones, but they have an additional hurdle. Your child is bilingual. While speaking multiple languages provides children with additional opportunities, it can make approaching speech therapy tricky, and some bilingual children can struggle when they receive the same therapy interventions as their monolingual peers. Let’s look at the challenges bilingual children can face when they struggle to reach milestones and how bilingual speech therapy can benefit them.  What is Bilingual Speech Therapy?  Bilingual speech therapy addresses communication disorders and difficulties with cultural competency through pathologists who are fluent in more than one language. Our specialists assess, analyze, and develop treatment plans for a variety of disorders that can include,  Speech-sound disorders Social language deficits Cognitive-communication disorder Disfluent speech Receptive and expressive language impairments For children who only speak English, a therapist will work with them to produce sounds and learn cognitive patterns related

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Recognize the Early Signs of Speech-Language Problems

Each child develops and reaches milestones at their own pace. While as parents we know this, we still feel anxiety when our child doesn’t start talking when other little ones do. How do you know when your child is just moving at their own pace and when they may have a speech-language disorder? What are early signs that you can look for?  Speech-Language Disorders that Affect Young Children Signs of a speech-language disorder vary based on what may be affecting your child. Four common disorders that develop in young children are,  Language disorders – The child has difficulty either understanding (receptive) or using language (expressive) Speech sound disorders – The child has trouble pronouncing sounds or uses unintelligible speech Fluency disorders – The child has interruptions in speech such as hesitation and repetition Voice disorders – The child has problems controlling volume, quality, or pitch of their voice Signs of

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10 Benefits of Enrichment Programs for Kids

Your child’s education is important. While math, reading, history, and science are vital for their academic development, children need more for healthy development. Enrichment programs such as art, music, and STEM provide additional opportunities for students. Here are 10 ways that students can benefit from these programs before, during, and after school.  Gaining Exposure to Different Teaching Styles Academic learning tends to follow specific teaching styles in school. Enrichment programs, however, offer different ways for teachers to teach and students to learn. Exposure to different styles helps expand a student’s understanding of subjects and become better all-around learners.  Individual Attention Because enrichment programs use smaller class sizes, students receive individual attention. This can help children address specific questions they have about a subject so they can learn.  Kids Learn New and Interesting Topics Enrichment programs expand beyond the academic basics, exposing children to art, music, other languages, and more advanced

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