Playspace Philadelphia

Playspace Philadelphia

PLAYSPACE by Kidology is a unique indoor pediatric sensory gym near Philadelphia, PA area.

The experienced therapists at PLAYSPACE by Kidology assist children in necessary developmental skills that will later help them in life. These skills include:

Also, our therapists create a fun and goal-driven play-based approach that helps with skills in areas such as:

  • Visual-motor skills; are needed to coordinate the body with hands and legs.
  • Gross motor skills; involve large muscle movements, such as crawling, sitting, walking, or running.
  • Fine motor skills; such as grasping, or drawing involve the use of smaller muscles.

We see each child as an individual, which leads to therapies designed purposefully for your child. To facilitate your child’s progression and success, our dedicated therapists arrange firsthand, meaningful experiences that are cognitively and creatively stimulating, invite exploration and investigation, and engage children’s active, sustained involvement. At PLAYSPACE we embrace each person’s goals and reach areas. Our team contributes to self-esteem building and increased confidence in children through the learn and play model.

Our therapists use their knowledge to stimulate your child through the use of specialized play equipment. This equipment includes rock climbing walls, a foam pit, multiple swings, monkey bars, zip lines, tunnels, slides, trapeze bars, ladders, a light-up sensory board, and more. This is the perfect kid’s play space in the area near you. Your child’s safety is our top priority. When looking for the perfect indoor pediatric play space near you that features specialized play equipment such as rock climbing walls, and a light-up sensory board, think of PLAYSPACE by Kidology.

Your child can learn more complex tasks, like cooking in our play kitchen or other multi-sensory stimulation like play-doh shaping class and social groups. Learning life skills and practicing them is just one of the things we offer here at Kidology. Our sensory play gym is built with a purpose! PLAYSPACE is a sanctuary for children near Philadelphia to explore their skills and develop to adulthood. 

PLAYSPACE by Kidology Inc, welcomes everyone! See you soon!

Our PLAYSPACE Policies


At the present time, Kidology is recommending all families wear masks in the waiting area. Children are not required to wear masks. As local health and CDC guidelines are updated, we will certainly revisit this policy as needed. 

Age Range

The PLAYSPACE by Kidology Inc, has been designed for a variety of ages. We welcome Infants and children from birth to 12 years of age. 


Should you arrive with a stroller or car seat, please place items in the waiting area or in the dressing room closed, company, and to the side. If there are many people waiting, you may need to leave your stroller outside the door. You will have a clear view of your car seat or stroller through the glass window.


Our facility is accessible by public transportation, walking distance from multiple schools and centers as well as offers plenty of parking space for those driving over. PLAYSPACE is ADA compliant and we are accessible by wheelchair.

Personal Belongings

Kidology INC, is not responsible for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings. Please care for your things. If your child brings something to the facility we will immediately give it back to you. This is in case they lose it and we did not notice, we cannot be held liable.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

All parents must be present during the therapy session and/or PLAYSPACE playtimes. There is a designated bench sitting area or mat space where the parent can be present and watch their child. The parent must not be active with the child to ensure their safety.

Shoe-Free Policy

At PLAYSPACE, children are to remove shoes immediately upon arrival and place them in the dressing room or cubbies. There will be ‘No Shoes Allowed’ during the playtime. 

Sick Policy

STAY HOME!  and please do not bring your child to PLAYSPACE if they are sick, contagious, or showing any signs or symptoms of some other illness. 

Holidays and Closings

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date information on any inclement weather, unexpected circumstances, or holiday closings.

Group Registrations

Please call ahead for Birthday Party and other booking scheduling

Liability Waiver

Upon booking your event at PLAYSPACE, we will provide waivers for the children participating to be filled out prior to or at the time of the event by their parent or guardian. 

Here at Playspace by Kidology, we take pride in what we do and make sure your Child’s safety is our first priority. If you have any questions, please contact management at or call us at 215-330-4116

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Looking for a great space to have a birthday party for your child?

Look no further!

Kidology is renting out our therapy PLAYSPACE for events and parties. Our PLAYSPACE near Philadelphia includes rock climbing, foam pit, jungle gym, zipline, slide and many more activities to create a great time for your event.
Our party package includes:

Package 1: $300 (10 kids)


To customize your party, take a tour, or get more information

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