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Established in 2014, Kidology, Inc. is a top rated, family friendly provider agency in Pennsylvania. We are always available to families and their children with the proper resources to enhance physical, social, emotional, and expressive development.

Kidology, Inc. provides educational services in special needs and tutoring capacities. We offer therapies and instructive sessions for a wide range of developmental delays, including fine motor, speech, feeding and mobility issues.

Our professionals are specially trained to work with children with Autism spectrum disorder and a global spectrum of needs. We understand that skills acquired in a child’s formative years are the foundation on which a childs entire development rests.

As a caregiver, your job focuses primarily on the step-by-step progress of your child. As an early intervention agency, it is our job to help you, help your child succeed.

Meet Our Staff

Luba Patlakh Kaplun, Founder - Kidology, Inc.

Luba Patlakh



Child Development Specialist

Luba has been working with children for over 10 years. She is a certified Special Instructor (SI) & licensed Speech Language-Pathologist via the Pennsylvania Department of Education & Professional Affairs. Luba specializes in Child Development and Pediatric Educational & Emotional Support.

“My goal is to enrich the lives of children who need support & to help ensure their educational & daily life goals and accomplishments are possible!”

Ariella B.Tomp, Art Therapist - Kidology, Inc.

Ariella B.

Art Therapist

Applied Behavior Specialist (ABA)

Special Instructor

Ariella Tomp is a graduate of Holy Family University and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Developmental Disabilities from Nova Southeastern University. Ariella is an experienced child life specialist whose focus is in Behavorial therapy; she is able to help children overcome their behavioral needs with the appropriate methods as she is an experienced counselor and Special Instructor.

“When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories; and in telling our stories through art, we find pathways to wellness, recovery, and transformation through anyone’s eyes!”


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jessica is a graduate of Arcadia University and has gained most of her experience working with the adult population. She has turned her love and interest for children into the next step of her career. She greatly enjoys empowering families and the children she works with to reach their maximum potential.

“Never give up, even baby steps count!”