At home resources for speech therapy

This is not limited to children with speech and language disorders. All children can benefit from a variety of language activities. Listed below are tips and ideas for talking to your child in ways that help develop better language skills. – This website includes a variety of print out worksheets for any age. – This website has many word recognition games for students. – Print outs that can help practice speech sounds – Games for younger students – This website organizes games by grade level and includes phonics practice. –In this learning activity, kids are watching a story play out and they need to talk and practice skills throughout. – For older students to practice reading out loud. – Learning games for all ages – Games that practice sounds. – A variety of pronunciation games for kids.

How can Kidology help?

Kidology, Inc. provides educational services in special needs and tutoring capacities. We offer therapies and instructive sessions for a wide range of developmental delays, including fine motor, speech, feeding and mobility issues. We are happy to help your children reach the milestones. Feel free to contact us at 215-330-4116