How to get a sibling involved in speech therapy

At times like this when everyone is home, it’s hard to allocate equal time to everyone. It’s tough, but we can help. How does your child feel when their sibling gets speech therapy and they don’t?

From the perspective of a child it seems that someone is coming to play games with their sibling and not them. Listed below are five ways that a sibling can participate in any speech language therapy sessions. Be sure to ask your child’s speech pathologist.

1. Siblings can be an excellent speech and language model

When playing games or having simple conversation, using a sibling as a model can help ease the child

2. Siblings can help with a turn taking task

Taking turns appropriately can not only help siblings get along better during therapy but also outside of therapy.Even when the pathologist is not there it’s a skill the child can constantly work on and improve.

3. Siblings can help set goals

Children are known for being extremely honest, which can help a speech pathologist understand how people understand the sibling. For example, you may ask a sibling, “When is it really hard to understand your sibling’s speech?” He or she may respond, “When we are all playing , it’s hard to hear him because he is so quiet”. This step may be very beneficial to the speech pathologist to create goals and provide the family with strategies

4. Siblings can help with practicing social skills

He or she can help your role play different situations that a child will have more often (since they are closer in age) and practice appropriate conversation, staying on topic, etc.

5. Siblings are excellent for carryover

Siblings are around each other for many hours of the day and the speech

How can Kidology help?

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