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Provide Your Child with an Optimal Start to live with Auditory Processing Therapy for Kids in Philadelphia, PA

Children with auditory processing disorder face numerous challenges in their lives. Without the right set of tools and skills, communicating needs with others is significantly impeded. Kidology, Inc. is an organization in Philadelphia, PA, offering an extensive range of services designed to improve your child’s articulation, communication, and overall happiness. We focus on play and learn so that your child grows in a supportive and healthy environment that lays the foundation for success in later life.

Benefits of Speech and Cognitive Functioning Therapy

Every child has unique needs when it comes to their development in their early years. At Kidology, Inc., we create a personalized program that leverages your child’s skills to enhance their growth. Our cognitive functioning therapy focuses on your child’s needs so that they can be happy and supported in their environment. We also offer bilingual speech therapy for kids who are learning English as a second language, where our Russian speech therapist works with your child to improve articulation and fluency. We have parent and child groups for added comfort and convenience, too.

Learn More About Our Services Today

At Kidology, Inc., we promote the healthy growth and development of children across Philadelphia, PA. Our services are custom-designed to focus on your child’s specific needs. To learn more about our services, programs, and more, contact our helpful team by calling today at (215) 330-4116.

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