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Help Your Children Reach Their Milestones with Speech Therapy in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Your children require a wealth of resources as they grow to develop the language and social skills that will create success in their lives. Each child is unique, and as such, so is the support that they need to flourish. Kidology is an organization in Huntingdon Valley, PA, offering a range of services designed to assist your kids while they grow. With cognitive functioning therapy to improve articulation and bilingual speech therapy for kids, we promote growth in all aspects of life.

Every Child Develops in Their Unique Way

In the early years of life, your child begins to understand and interact with the world around them; however, each child develops on their timeline and in their unique way. You can give them the most optimal chance of success with Kidology, with a range of services designed for optimal development. We specialize in planning for English as a second language with a Russian speech therapist. Also, We offer auditory processing therapy for kids to communicate more effectively with those around them. Our services also include physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and a range of parent a child exercise.

Learn More About Our Programs Today

Kidology, Inc. is your leading provider of foundational therapies for children in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Create a life of success for your child by contacting our team for an appointment today by calling (215) 330-4116.

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