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Parent and Child Groups in Philadelphia, PA

Parenting is a challenge. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with instruction manuals. We don’t get “classes on how to adult” as we go from being kids ourselves to growing up. Fortunately, Kidology Inc. offers parent and child groups in Philadelphia. Let us help you connect and help your child grow.

Kidology Inc. Parent & Child Groups in Philadelphia

If you’re struggling to connect with your child or need resources to help your overcome their behavior or learning challenges, Kidology Inc.’s Parent and Child Groups can help. In our groups, you can help your child develop social and play skills, watch them socialize with other children, work with our experts, and bond with other parents. 

Why Parent and Child Groups Matter

Parenting and child groups offer a unique opportunity for parents to become an active part of their child’s learning program. At Kidology Inc. we offer a variety of developmental programs including speech therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral services. When parents take part in parent and child groups with their children alongside these programs we see, 

  • Increased engagement in programs from their children
  • Additional opportunities for children to engage with peers who share their unique struggles and situations
  • Peer-bonding among parents and the ability to grow and strengthen their community

Why Parent and Child Groups Matter

Tips to Help You and Your Child Get More from Our Parent and Child Groups

When it comes to joining a Parent and Child group, what you bring to the group is just as important as our experts who lead them. If this is your first time joining a parent and child group, here are some ways you can help you and your child get the most out of the group. 

  • Be patient with your child and offer gentle encouragement. Children who experience developmental or physical challenges can be hesitant to engage in new group activities. Our experts will help your child engage with the group, but your encouragement will help boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask our experts and other parents questions that you have. Remember, there are no bad questions, only questions you don’t yet have answers to. 
  • Socialize with other parents. Even for adults, new social situations can be challenging. Building community is an important part of our parent and child groups. Moreover, if your child is shy, seeing you engaging with other parents will help build their confidence as well. 
  • Engage with your child. Parent and child groups are opportunities for you to become an active participant in your child’s developmental program. When you engage with your child, ask them questions about what they are doing and what they are learning.

Additional Community Resources

Raising children really is a community activity. At Kidology Inc. we want to ensure that our parents have important resources that will help them and their children learn and grow. Some additional resources we have found invaluable for our families include:

Parent Cafés

Parent Cafés are a place for parents to come together and learn from each other in guided discussions. Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs) host Parent Cafés in 10 different neighborhoods around Philadelphia, open to all parents and adults. To learn more about Parent Café near you, call 215-PARENTS (727-3687) or find upcoming parenting classes and Cafés near you.

Child Mind Institute

Is your child struggling? Whether they are struggling with behavior or learning challenges or mental health, the whole family is affected. Child Mind Institute offers resources for parents of struggling children. They offer a wealth of information, including downloadable guides. For families who have overcome struggles and want to help others, they also offer ways you can get involved.

Are You Ready to Join a Parent and Child Group in Philadelphia? 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your child’s development, contact us today. 

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