Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Children near Huntingdon Valley and Philadelphia, PA

Each child develops at their own pace. However, if your child is not learning new words or has not reached their speech milestones, speech therapy can help. Kidology, Inc offers speech therapy services for children in Miami FL, Huntingdon Valley, and Philadelphia, PA area. Our team of expert therapists will help your child reach their milestones and gain the tools to continue their development. 

What Is Speech Therapy?

All types of speech therapy help children to develop speech and language skills. For young children who are still learning to communicate, speech therapy can help them learn to articulate words and sounds when they have fallen behind developmental goals. Older children may also need speech therapy to help them relearn how to form sounds and words following surgery, an accident, or trauma. 

Here at Kidology, Inc we work with children of all ages who need assistance with speech and language skills. 

Speech Skills

At Kidology, Inc, we work with children of all ages to help them develop verbal skills in four key areas, 

  • Articulation – using lips, mouth, and tongue to make sounds. Examples of articulation struggles include struggling with “R” sounds or complex consonant sounds like “TH”
  • Voice – using breath and vocal cords to produce sounds. An example of voice struggle might include a child struggling to speak above a whisper.
  • Fluency – the rhythm of speech patterns. A child who struggles with fluency may stutter or stammer on some words.

Language Skills 

In addition to verbal skills, a child needs to build a vocabulary to help them communicate. Children need to learn new words and what they mean. They also need to understand the differences between similar words and learn to recognize synonyms. If your child is falling behind on their language skills, our speech therapists can help them develop their vocabulary and give them the skills to learn new words on their own. 

Bilingual Speech Therapy

Bilingual children face unique challenges in learning to talk. Different languages have not only unique vocabularies but different ways that sounds are put together. Children who learn to speak in a bilingual home can struggle to form sounds in one or both languages. We offer specialists who work with a variety of languages, including Russian speech therapists. 

What Are Signs My Child Needs Speech Therapy? 

Every child is unique, and children learn at their own pace. However, there is a range of skills considered to be standard developmental milestones for speech and language. Some signs that your child may be struggling to meet their milestones include, 

  • Using fewer than 20 words by the age of 18 months
  • Using unclear or immature speech
  • Using only a few sounds in words they speak
  • Talking infrequently
  • Hesitancy to talk socially to other children or adults
  • Difficulty recognizing letter sounds

Even before they begin trying to speak, children can show signs they will develop speech difficulties. Some indicators of future speech difficulties include, 

  • Trouble latching onto breast or bottle
  • Coughing and gagging on food

Are you concerned that your child has speech development delays? If you need a speech therapist in Philadelphia, PA, Huntingdon Valley, PA, or Miami, FL, contact Kidology, Inc for an assessment today. 

We provide play-based, fun activities designed to help your child learn and develop their verbal and linguistic skills. We work one-on-one and in small groups to help children improve and master speech and language.